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First edition published on 27 September 2022. Critical fixes applied on 5 November 2022.

The online version of the book is updated regularly. The date of the last update is shown on the title page. The book features screenshots and result sets based on CogStat version 2.3.

To reference the book, please use the following citation (APA7 format):

Navarro, D., & Fodor, R. (2022). Learning Statistics with CogStat. https://learningstatisticswithcogstat.com

Author’s note

This book is intended for psychology students and other beginners who are interested in learning statistics and want to use CogStat to perform their analyses. CogStat is a statistics software written in Python by Attila Krajcsi3 and developed with the help of supporters. Its distinct advantage is automatic hypothesis test selection and chart creation with an APA-style output to suit the needs of psychology researchers and students.

Learning Statistics with CogStat is a book which covers the contents of an introductory statistics class. It is an adaptation made by Róbert Fodor based on Danielle Navarro’s original (Learning Statistics with R)4 (Version 0.65). While the theory laid out in the original book is still valid, this book focuses on the practical application of statistical methods in CogStat. The book is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to either CogStat or statistical theory, though. One of the key challenges of the adaptation was to balance between a fully applied approach (like how CogStat handles analysis) and a theoretical one (like the fantastic textbook it is based on). Danielle’s original content, while making up a massive chunk of the material, has been revised, reorganised, redacted, expanded on and rewritten to fit the new purpose.

This book will always be a living thing. As CogStat expands and evolves, so will this book. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to reach out to me on GitHub.

– Robert


This book is published under a Creative Commons BY-SA license (CC BY-SA) version 4.0. This means that this book can be reused, remixed, retained, revised and redistributed (including commercially) as long as appropriate credit is given to the authors. If you remix, or modify the original version of this open textbook, you must redistribute all versions of this open textbook under the same license - CC BY-SA.


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  5. This book is compiled from scratch in bookdown but some code snippets rely on Emily Kothe’s bookdown adaptation of the original material (e.g. some knitr plots and tables appear in the source code without alteration), numbered as version 0.6.1↩︎